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It is a blessing from God, when churches have great preachers through whom God communicate with His people. Yet, there is a certain criteria that must be met by those who want to be used by God when ministering in His fields.

In order for our young brothers and sisters to improve their speaking skills, Slavic Bible School offers a two weeks course of Homiletics – the study of the art of preaching. Lessons are scheduled for Mondays April 3 and April 10 in the South Hall from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. These seminars are broken up into 3 lessons with 15-minute coffee breaks at 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Teaching will be provided in Russian with translation to English. Bishop Nikolay Kotyakov will be the teacher.

Throughout our lessons, we will talk about preachers, and will answer the following questions: Why do we need to preach? What do we need to preach? To whom and how do we preach? How does God choose preachers in our days and how can we know if we have a calling from God to preach? What is the preacher’s responsibility? How does one receive a sermon from God? Does the speaker’s education play a significant role in his preaching? What does it mean for the preacher to be dependent on the Holy Spirit? What difficulties can a preacher encounter in ministry? What can stand in the way of a successful preacher? What is the difference between preachers, evangelists, missionaries and teachers?

As a reminder: The first two weeks of studying in Bible School are free, and for those who wants to take other classes as well, it is $40 per month. The school year is 9 months long, stretching from September until May, with a 3-month summer break during June, July and August. The entire school program is 4 years long and made up of individual classes, allowing students to join at any time of the year.

Sergey Zadniprovskiy

English Department

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